Kaohsiung’s vibrant culinary landscape mirrors the city’s captivating blend of diverse and rich ethnic cultures. It’s also where WildTaiwan co-founder, Wendy Kung resides. Here are her local insider tips on the must-visit dining spots in the city.

Best Gourmet Restaurant in Kaohsiung

Nanbei Lou Chinese Restaurant 南北樓中餐廳 

Prawn Rolls (photo courtesy of Nanbei Lou)

Nestled away in a quaint lane since 1985, Nanbei Lou exudes an oriental palace charm that’s impossible to overlook. This culinary gem seamlessly weaves together the flavors of salty-sweet Zhejiang and spicy Sichuan with the cherished traditions of Taiwanese cuisine. For locals, it’s a treasure trove of memories, from wedding feasts to the cherished One-Year-Old Catch celebrations. With such an iconic symbol of nostalgia, you can trust that the flavors and service here are nothing short of exceptional. It’s worth noting that on holidays and special occasions like Mother’s Day, Nanbei Lou opts for fixed menus tailored to specific group sizes. They are open daily for lunch and dinner, and reservations are recommended. 

Wendy’s favorite dishes: Prawn Roll富貴蝦球,Pork Ribs with Pickled Plums 梅醬嫩子排,Mapo Tofu麻婆豆腐煲,General Tso’s Chicken左宗棠雞柳,

Price: $$

Location: No. 18, Linsen 3rd Rd, Qianzhen District 前鎮區林森三路18號

Phone: +886 73366089

The Local’s Favorite Restaurant in Kaohsiung

Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉鍋  

Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food is the ultimate destination for communal dining (Photo courtesy of Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food)

A step inside Liu’s Traditional Juancun Food is a step into the heart of a Military dependents’ village. The founder Liu is a living relic of the sharing and supporting ethos that defines this type of cuisine. Here, pickled cabbage is a star, naturally marinated using age-old methods, resulting in those distinctive sour notes that tantalize the taste buds. The charcoal-cooked hotpot itself is a special experience served with dumplings on the side that evoke the warm, communal feeling of a family gathering. The restaurant provides lunch and dinner daily, but rests (is closed) on Mondays.  

Wendy’s favorite dishes: Sour Cabbage and Pork Hot Pot 酸白菜火鍋,Beef Noodle Soup 冠軍牛肉麵,Dumpling 水餃

Price: $$

Location: No. 507, Zhongshan 2nd Rd, Qianjin District 前鎮區中山二路507號 

Phone: +886 72157676

Best Hole in the Wall in Kaohsiung

Siang Fu Yuan 饗福園 

Best of Kaohsiung’s comfort food available at Siang Fu Yuan. (Photo courtesy of Siang Fu Yuan)

Siang Fu Yuan is a modest community restaurant that needs no flashy decor or TV interviews to shine, earning its reputation for deliciousness amidst the bustling Wenhenger Road Night Market.  Here, pancakes and dumplings are freshly prepared upon ordering. A charming mix of patrons, from parents with school-going children to grandparents seeking a comforting meal, infuse this humble eatery with a sense of home. Siang Fu Yuan’s bottomless cups of black tea and soy milk add to this homely atmosphere. Opens daily for lunch and dinner, reservations are not necessary—simply walk in and savor the experience. 

Wendy’s favorite dishes: Steamed Veggie Dumplings 花素蒸餃, Xiaolongbao招牌湯包, Dense milk Pancake 乳香烙餅, Beef Potsticker 牛肉鍋貼

Price: $

Location: No. 294, Xingzhong 1st Rd, Lingya District  苓雅區興中一路294號

Phone: +886 73389339

The Trendy Restaurant in Kaohsiung

Old New Taiwanese Cuisine  老新台菜 

East meets West at Old New Taiwanese Cuisine. (Photo courtesy of Old New Taiwanese Cuisine)

Old New Taiwanese Cuisine, a culinary gem endorsed by both CNN Travel and Michelin, promises an extraordinary gastronomic journey to visitors. Here, every dish is an artful blend of tradition and innovation.  Their kitchen, run by the same team since its inception in 2008, presents meticulously crafted 7- to 8-course omakase menus in diverse price ranges. While locals savor robust flavors, don’t hesitate to request a more delicate touch. The restaurant’s relocation in 2011 brought forth a captivating transformation, seamlessly marrying retro East-meets-West aesthetics.  

Wendy’s favorite dishes: Squid ink fried rice 小卷墨魚炒飯, Clam chicken soup 刈菜雞湯, Taro sago soup 芋頭西米露

Price: $$

Location: No. 227, Jiuru 2nd Rd, Sanmin District 三民區九如二路227號  

Phone: +886 73133077

WOW-Factor Dining Experience in Kaohsiung

Sanhe Chi-Feng 三禾清豐 

Where to eat in Kaohsiung | Sainhe Chi-Feng
Chef Robin Lin showcasing his mastery at Sanhe Chi-Feng (Photo courtesy of Sanhe Chi-Feng)

Sanhe Chi-Feng is a haven for authentic Taiwanese flavors. Chef Robin Lin, previously chef de cuisine at Eight Tables, brings an academic’s wisdom to the modern Hakka culinary world. With a passion that borders on poetic, he delves into the subtleties of ingredients, whether it is the distinct nuances of Szechuan peppercorns or the art of pickling bitter melon. Nestled in a serene community, the restaurant’s unassuming grey-blue door opens to a space that captures the essence of a traditional Taiwanese home. As seats are limited, reservations are a must. Mark your calendar for the 15th of each month at 11 am to ensure your spot for the following month’s culinary journey. 

Wendy’s favorite dishes: Steamed giant grouper 龍膽石斑尾, Captain’s squid beak船長的魷魚嘴,Three colors chicken 三色土鷄

Price: $$$

Location: No. 63, Jiangdu St, Lingya District  苓雅區江都街63號 

Phone: +886 966063568

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