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Drive: Central Taipei to Yilan

The ride from central Taipei to Yilan takes around an hour and a half.

Enter Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village

Upon arriving at the pick-up spot, hop on the village’s four-wheeler for an exhilarating 10-minute ride up through the rough terrain of the forest. Enjoy the scenic drive through lush tribal farmlands, where the Atayal people cultivate wild mushrooms, ginger, and millet. Weather permitting, choose the hike up to the village through the traditional hunting trails, where the villagers set traps to catch wild partridges.

Lo-Kah-Su (Hello)

Arrive at the greeting area of the village consisting of striking Atayal huts with sloping roofs on an open grass meadow, and warm up to the day sampling the fruits of the tribe’s labors in the forms of delicious millet wine, wild boar meat, and a herbal tea concoction infused with ginger, cinnamon and sugarcane.

Step into the Artisan’s Haven

Stroll through the tribal grounds, taking in the dormitories, agricultural buildings, and workshops for bamboo weaving, textiles, baking, and brewing. The structures for these traditional practices are a testament to the new generation of villagers, infusing elegant stonework and lavish glass decorations with Atayal traditional architecture.  Spend time with the young artisans behind the Bulaudongdong brand that promotes handicrafts by the young aboriginal artists, and appreciate the age-old art of bamboo basket weaving and traditional baking.

Experiential Education

Get introductions on the tribe’s unique school system, recognized as an “experimental high school” by the education bureau in 2015.  A house, or rather houses, as the classrooms are spread across the buildings in the village, of learning that goes beyond the conventional classroom academics, students explore topics here from baking, and bicycle repairs to tattooing, and eventually take up industry internships that equip them for the future. The school is already making waves: Taipei’s Michelin star restaurant RAW offers on its menu alih, millet champagne created by Bulau Bulau students. Engage with the future torchbearers of Atayal heritage, and learn about their journey from classrooms to community internships.

Culinary Journey under the Mountain Sun

As the sun paints the sky with warm hues, indulge in a delectable feast for the senses. Savor a mouthwatering spread of Atayal delicacies, prepared with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. From flavorful radish soup to ginger-infused sweet potato and succulent barbecued wild boar, each bite carries the essence of the land and the Atayal way of life. Raise a glass of home-brewed millet wine as laughter and stories fill the air, and toast newfound friendships. Enjoy the song and dance performance of the Atayal before bidding farewell to this magical day. The tribe’s four-wheeler will return visitors to the drop-off point.

Drive: Yilan to Taipei

The ride from Yilan Mountain back to Taipei will take approximately one and a half hours.

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