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This day trip from Taipei to Pingling and Hsinchu back to Taipei will take approximately 10 hours.

Drive: Taipei to Pingling  

The ride from Taipei to Pingling will take around 40 minutes.

Next Stop: Pingling District

Pingling, nestled in the lush greenery of Taiwan’s northern mountains, is a tranquil haven of serenity. Imagine bamboo forests swaying in the crisp mountain air and waterfalls cascading down moss-laden rocks. Here, tea isn’t merely a beverage, it’s a heritage seamlessly woven into the town’s economic and cultural fabric and even its delectable cuisine.

Meet Tea Merchant, Chiachi Huang

Here, meet a local tea merchant, Chiachi Huang, part of a family that has been cultivating Baozhong tea for three generations. The grandfather, a former champion of Baozhong tea in Taiwan, laid the foundation. Through the challenges of a declining tea industry, the father’s generation persevered. Today, share tea with Chiachi, a remarkable woman and the torchbearer of this rich heritage. In a field often dominated by men, Chiachi’s dedication and passion for tea represent a rare and inspiring commitment.

Explore the Baozhong & Dongfang Meiren Tea Plantation

Take a walk through the tea plantation that grows Baozhong tea, also referred to as the “flower tea” due to its fragrant aroma, and Dongfang Meiren, the Oriental Beauty tea. Sip on the aromatic brews and get to know the history of the deep-rooted tea culture of the area and stories of the families that have been cultivating the tea plantations through generations.

Drive: Pingling to Hsinchu

The drive from Pingling to Hsinchu will take around 1.5 hours.

Next Stop: Hsinchu

Welcome to Hsinchu, a coastal northwestern county that is modern and high-tech, while proudly claiming its place as one of the oldest cities in Taiwan. Hsinchu proudly wears the mantle of the glass capital of Taiwan, where local artisans craft intricate and beautiful glass creations. Yet, it is equally celebrated as the tea capital of the world, graced by rolling hills that yield the most prized oolong tea, known as Oriental Beauty tea.
This exceptional tea, sometimes referred to as “champagne” oolong for its exquisite taste, owes its distinctive aroma and flavor to a unique partnership with nature. When nibbled on by a tiny insect known as the tea green leafhopper, the plant releases chemicals to defend itself. This defensive blend of chemicals adds an aroma and flavor to the leaves that tea connoisseurs around the world cherish.

Hsinchu Tea Plantation, Factory and Tasting

Visit a local tea farmer and take a stroll through the tea plantation. Savor this special aroma of Oriental Beauty tea that surrounds, produced on the fields by the living plants. Yet, beyond the enchanting aroma lies a testament to centuries-old traditions, hard work, and unwavering discipline. The diligent farmers, through generations, have cultivated and nurtured this prized tea, showcasing the enduring commitment and craftsmanship that define Hsinchu’s tea heritage. Tour the tea factory and explore the intricate journey of transforming these leaves into tea.

End the day by sipping a cup of this treasured tea while engrossed in engaging conversations with the local farmer.

Drive: Hsinchu to Taipei

The drive from Hsinchu to Taipei will take around 1.5 hours.

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