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We work with leading experts in Taiwan across a smattering of fields to curate deeper understandings and one-of-a-kind experiences for our travelers.  

Abus Istasipal
ViVi Chang - Hi-Tech Deep-Dive: Technology and Innovation in Taiwan

When we say, “tell us about yourself and your interests”, we really mean it.

Interested in technology? How about meeting with a local tech entrepreneur to learn about Taiwan’s leading industry from the inside.

Interested in history? Explore the National Palace Museum as a VIP with one of the museum’s top curators as your private guide.

Interested in indigenous culture? Spend the afternoon with a Bunun descendant pursuing a cultural resurgence of indigenous interest and understanding by studying Taiwanese indigenous linguistics.

Lisette Lou

Former National Palace Museum Senior Executive Officer

  • WildTaiwan National Palace Museum Expert

  • Based in Taipei

Lisette Lou began her work at the National Palace Museum in 1985. For her 30+ year tenure at the institution she worked across the Exhibition Department, the Secretariat, and the Publication Department. In 1988 she transferred to the Director’s Office where she would hold the title of Senior Executive Officer in charge of the museum’s international relations.

Alongside her work at the National Palace Museum, Lisette also pursued teaching as a channel through which to promote Eastern and Western art in culture. In 1987, she began her work as a visiting professor and consultant for various well known educational and cultural institutions in Taiwan.

In 2019, she received a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French Ministry of Culture in recognition of her contributions to the Taiwan-France cultural exchange. In 2020, she was awarded the Outstanding Alumni of the School of Foreign Languages, from Fu Jen Catholic University.

Lisette is proficient in four languages – Mandarin, French, English and Spanish – and specializes in the fields of Chinese and French culture and history as well as in museology.

ViVi Chang

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Ignition Xcelerator

  • WildTaiwan Expert in Innovation & Technology

  • Based in Taipei

ViVi Chang was born in Taipei and raised in Vancouver. After 23 years of traveling around the world and working in big international hubs such as Vancouver, San Francisco and Shanghai, she decided to return to Taiwan to use her global network and experience to launch a revolutionary startup accelerator.

Being both an insider and outsider of Taiwan, she brings a unique perspective with which to create positive economic and social impacts through fostering a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem around future technology: TMT, New Retail, Education, and Metaverse.

Prior to starting her startup accelerator, Ignition Xcelerator, ViVi worked as an innovation and digital marketing consultant for Fortune 500 and SMEs. She is also a serial entrepreneur, having first co-founded and managed an in-depth, culturally immersive travel firm targeting chic mainland Chinese individual and corporate clients, which became the theme-based luxury travel supplier on Ctrip.com.

She then went on to co-found Project One for the largest movie production and entertainment company in China, Huayi Brothers Media Corp., providing young idol academies the latest singing/dancing/acting/modeling programs and career paths for teens across China.

ViVi holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology from the University of British Columbia and an MBA with distinction from Hult International Business School.

Abus Istasipal

Indigenous Studies Expert

  • WildTaiwan Expert in Indigenous Languages & Cultures

  • Based in Hualien

Abus Istasipal is an indigenous studies student in Hualien. She hails from a multicultural family, a Hokkien father and a Bunuun mother, and it is to them that she attributes her unwavering intrigue in Taiwan’s indigenous heritage. Formerly a movie producer, Abus made a drastic change in career paths to learn more about her heritage at National Dong Hwa University, where she now pursues degree of indigenous languages and media communication.

Abus Istasipal

Alongside her studies, Abus is a member of the Panita Mountaineering Association, where she leads all ranges of groups, from travelers to anthropologists, on mesmerizing explorations of the Central Range’s ancient indigenous trails. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of the region and its history, Abus weaves captivating stories about the remaining indigenous structures, including the renowned Stone Plate House. Driven by her dedication to preserving the intangible cultural heritage of her roots, Abus aspires to be a prominent advocate and influential voice for indigenous communities in Taiwan.

Hsiangyun Mai

Former Architecture Designer | Founder of Cloud Chamber Photography (Architecture Photography)

  • WildTaiwan Expert in Architecture

  • Based in Taipei

Hsiangyun Mai, a native of Taipei, was born and raised in the city. He graduated with a degree in architecture from National Taipei University of Technology and has worked for architecture firms in both Beijing (Beijing Modern Creative Development Limited) and Taiwan (April Yang Design Studio). In 2015, he began working as a photographer for several Taiwan travel magazines and spent over five and a half years exploring and photographing regions and buildings across East Asia.

Mai has also worked on architecture photography projects for the Taiwan government, as well as for companies from Italy, France, and the USA. In 2021, Mai started his own photography studio, Cloud Chamber Photography, which specializes in exterior and interior architecture, and food photography. With his extensive knowledge of Taiwan’s architecture and his passion for photography, Mai is the perfect expert for visitors who are interested in exploring Taiwan’s unique architectural landscapes, both modern and historic.

Yiyan Wu

  • WildTaiwan Expert in Architecture

  • Based in Keelung

Yiyan Wu is the Founder of Taiwan Jianzou Architecture Association and an esteemed professional in the field of architecture. Formerly the chief editor of Xin Media and Xin Architecture at Lion Group, he possesses extensive expertise in architectural content curation, community management, guided tours, and participatory design projects.

Yiyuan Wu

With a profound commitment to promoting architectural and interior design aesthetics in Taiwan, Yiyan employs innovative approaches such as media operations and immersive experiences. He has organized and guided numerous captivating architectural explorations, captivating diverse audiences and students. Yiyan’s dedication extends to various areas, including architectural development, physical construction, community building, and the curation of public art exhibitions and environmental art.