Discover the island paradise of


Discover the island paradise of


If there is one island on Earth that really has it all, it’s Taiwan.

When the Portuguese first laid eyes on Taiwan they named it Formosa, meaning simply, “beautiful island”, and we’d be hard-pressed to argue that they were wrong then or now. Surrounding the island, glittering turquoise waters teem with exotic marine life. Where the sea meets land, a mixture of sheer rocky cliffs and pristine white sand beaches greet the lapping waves.

The coast then morphs into jungle

where wild monkeys and boars roam free, the national bird, the blue magpie, flying in a wave of colors overhead. At the heart of the island is the Central Mountain Range, where myriad summits await intrepid trekkers and early-rising photographers.

Beyond the natural offerings of the island, a sprinkling of vibrant cities, towns and villages lay home to the island’s residents, who themselves hold the key to Taiwan’s greatest charm of all:


From the soulful chanting of incense-filled temples to the echoing shouts of fishmongers returning with a haul to the lyrical folk singing of an indigenous tribe, each person on the island holds a different piece of the puzzle which when put together makes the floating paradise of Taiwan whole.

Creating life-changing experiences is our purpose.

WildTaiwan is a member of The Wild Collective, an award-winning industry leader with over 20 years of experience curating custom journeys to every corner of the globe. At WildTaiwan, we believe that Taiwan, a land of profound natural and cultural intrigue, deserves to be seen in full, through real experiences that bring travelers into the lives of the island’s people – artisans, farmers, historians and fishermen alike. To us, this is the essence of sustainable travel – putting local people at the heart of all that we do to cultivate human connections and further cultural understanding through travel.

Travel and Leisure

“Whether you like vigorous outdoor excursions or want to uncover the best off-the-map food stalls, WildTaiwan crafts itineraries based on local knowledge and a sense of adventure.”

– October 2023

Luxury Travel Insider

“Taiwan is home to so much biological diversity. We have a tropical climate in the south, a subtropical climate in the north and snow on the central mountain peaks, where Taiwan has the highest density of high mountains in the world with 268 peaks above 3,000 meters.”

– April 2023

Traveler Testimonials

“I want to thank you for all the care and attention that you gave to our itinerary. I am so glad that I finally got to go to Taiwan – it was a magical trip. I truly appreciate how much expertise you bring when advising clients.”

March 2024

“Thank you very much for all your help organizing our trip, especially on such short notice. We had a WONDERFUL time!  Our guide did a great job, and we loved spending time with her as a fellow human in addition to as a terrific guide.”

February 2024

“An excellent trip, enjoyed every single minute.

February 2024

“Trip was amazing- every travel piece went smoothly. Every part was just awesome!!

January 2024

“A great tour company that we would recommend and use again.”

December 2023

“We had a wonderful experience seeing your beautiful city in the short amount of time we had. We were very pleased and would highly recommend you to our friends. Thank you for providing a great experience for us.”

November 2023

“The trip went really well. Our guide was very good with time and logistics, very enthusiastic and clearly loved to guide which is always great.”

August 2023

“I got back home to the US yesterday and want to thank you for all of your help in putting together a very memorable trip to Taipei. I had great experiences with my guides. They were very knowledgeable and supportive throughout all of the tours. Great personalities.”

May 2023

“We had a fantastic tour in Taipei and thank you very, very much. Everything was perfect and all your arrangements made our trip and experiences far better than we could have expected. The guide went above and beyond. We give you a 5 star rating!

April 2023

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